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​​​We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, affordable real estate investment solutions.


We have access to off market deals from various sources, including lenders, and have the ability to execute deals for quick profit.


​The business model is to replicate the success of previous projects, and to use it as the template for the properties that MERE intend to acquire.

Focus on client and performance.

MERE is driven to deliver the best service and performance to its clients. Unlike other investment managers, we offer strong operational expertise in house with people working in their fields for over 15 years. As a privately owned company with an entrepreneurial spirit, we take personal ownership of any issues, and are able to deliver superior results and act quickly.

The team has an impressive track record, and are highly accomplished in real estate investments, project management, in the construction of property development, and the sale and marketing of the end units. The team carries out extensive due diligence before any project is undertaken.

Experience you can trust.

Over 30 years of expert real estate services.